SCC Faculty and Staff File Server

Welcome to the SCC Faculty and Staff File Server.  This site provides an Internet link to personal home directories and department file shares on the SCC network.  Click on the following link to access your home directory and/or department file share:

You will be prompted for a User Name, Password, and Domain.  

Use your NT User Name and Password.  For Domain, enter the prefix LRCCD.  The authentication screen may look different from the one shown above depending on the version of your Internet browser.  The screen may have just the User Name and Password fields without the Domain field.  If so, please enter your User name as LRCCD\<NTUSER> where the <NTUSER> is your w+ID (i.e., LRCCD\w1234567).

Personal Home Directory

After you log on to the site, you will enter your personal home directory where you can do a variety of tasks such as uploading and downloading of files.  There are several icons available to guide you in your tasks.  Hovering the mouse arrow over an icon will provide a description of the icon's use.  Click on the following link for additional information on the icons:  Icon Instructions

Department File Share

You can access your department file share through the same interface as to your personal home directory.  After logging on to the faculty file server you will see a box at the top left side of the screen.  If you click on the drop down arrow you will see your username (i.e., w1234567) and ‘Departments’.  If you click on your username you will enter your personal home directory.  If you click on ‘Departments’, an index of departments will be shown for those that have been setup and that you have access.  If you don’t see anything listed under the Index for Departments, then a file share has not been set up for your department.  Here is a snapshot of the screen:

If you see a department listed (such as ‘Sah” shown above), then click on it and you will enter the file share for the department.  You can manage the contents of the department in the same way as for your personal home directory.  You can toggle back and forth between your personal home directory and department file share by using the drop down arrow at the top left side of the screen.


This web site is for Sacramento City College faculty and staff only.  To request a personal home directory or to report a problem, please call the SCC Computer Services Help Line at (916) 558-2222.


                                                 Date Last Modified: August, 26, 2010